INVITE MEDIA is a BTL & PPP solution providers, We are a team of experienced brand consultants and designers located in Banesor, Kathmandu a group of like-minded people who always push ourselves, and our clients, to do better at every stage of the strategic, creative and production process. We help transform big and small brands with a bold approach to strategy, identity, packaging & digital media. INVITE MEDIA stands tall among its competition with years of valuable experience and a fresh approach to design and manufacturing. More importantly, attention to detail and focus in delivering the right design at the right point of time increases our credibility in the industry. Our commitment to impeccable design and quality of production has made us the one of the leading solution provider in NEPAL for the BTL & PPP industry.

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We deal in design and manufacture of Point of Purchase (PoP),  Interiors, Exhibition Stands, Digital Signage,Outdoor Signage, Business Gifts and so on​ From design and production to supply and installation, everything comes under one roof. This makes us the one-stop-shop for all things in the industry.

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Hoarding Board at Banepa

Acp Board 

size : 20x60(ft) 


Street lighting is an essential public service typically provided by public authorities at the sub-national and municipal level. Cities are increasingly investing in energy-efficient street lighti…



Municipalities are using public-private partnerships (PPPs) increasingly to expand and improve bus shelters, stations and terminals, thus improving the trave…

Hoarding Board

Hoarding board is a kind of temporary decoration that can be changed or removed later if necessary. The strength of interior hoarding boards is tha…

graphic design

Graphic design is the art

Digital Board

lighting control console (also called a lightboardlighting board, or lighting desk) is an elec…

Flex Print

Printing is a process for mass reproducing text and images using a master form or template.

BTL (Below The Line)

Below-the-line advertising is an advertising strategy where products are promoted in media other than mainstream radio or television.